BACKMED Lumbar Support Belt

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Size:  S-M (Size 65-80CM)
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The BACKMED lumbar support belt helps you get rid of back pain and get a correct posture. The main material, neoprene, has the role of retaining heat, relaxing the back muscles. The special support system and the double compression system offer increased stability, allowing you to take part in daily activities without worries. Details


  • It helps you get rid of low back pain
  • It protects your back in intense physical activity
  • It helps you get and maintain a correct back position
  • Recommended in conditions such as sciatica, herniated discs, lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Reduces stress. Improves organ function
  • Reduces the tendency to gain weight and strengthens self-confidence
  • A strong and healthy median area will allow you to enjoy an active life


  • The lumbar support belt is very effective
  • You will notice this right from the start. Comfortable elastic bands and plastic rods will support the lumbar area and relieve pain.
  • It allows you to have an active life
  • It supports you at work - when handling weights, but also in sports activities.
  • Double compression system for more efficiency
  • The main velcro closure and additional elastic bands secure the belt securely and effectively.
  • It is comfortable and stays fixed even for long wear
  • The elastic bands are easily adjustable and the material is very friendly. The adhesive silicone inserts keep it fixed on the skin in the desired position.
  • The belt is discreet
  • It can be worn under clothing.
  • Quality that gives you confidence
  • Made of solid, quality, durable materials.
  • It can be worn by anyone
  • Women, men, teenagers.
  • Long-term positive effect
  • Wearing it constantly will protect you from pain and will protect your back.
  • Guarantee
  • The BACKMED belt has a 2-YEAR warranty.


Before ordering please choose the right size. The choice of the right size is made according to the waist circumference.
One of the three sizes below is sure to suit you.

  • S - MP for waist circumference between 65-80 cm
  • L - XLFor waist circumference between 81-95 cm
  • XXL-XXXLFor waist circumference between 96-120 cm

Correct belt fastening e
it is very important for obtaining the expected results. Please follow the fixing steps carefully:

Detach the elastic belt straps
Fasten the belt around the abdomen
Pull the elastic bands forward and secure them so that the pressure is right

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