Splash-proof booster faucet

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Shape:  2 gear short
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  • Faucet Extender Kitchen Sink Aerator, 360° Swivel Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Head Replacement Faucet Head Attachment Splashproof Faucet Booster Shower Faucet Nozzle Jet Diffuser (2 Modes, Extended Version)
  • Material stainless steel, ABS

About this project

  • 【Premium】: Say goodbye to the mess and splash around the sink, because here is the perfect solution to your problem. Unlike many other products, our kitchen faucet aerator faucets are made of high quality stainless steel and ABS, and are leak free. Shiny polished chrome matches most sink faucets for durability.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE THREE MODES, HIGH PRESSURE】: Designed by a single button, with 3 adjustable water spray modes (pulse, pulse+shower, shower). You can adjust the water outlet mode according to your needs. The water outlet feels soft and dense, without splashing water, the switch is smooth, and the high-pressure powerful water jet is used for cleaning.
  • 【Easy to Install】: Save your time with the new innovative quick assembly system provided by this sink spout attachment. The flexible and convenient faucet faucet is suitable for 99% of faucet sprayers and sink aerators, and the best part is that you can install it yourself, no tools required.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE THREE MODES, HIGH PRESSURE】: Designed by a single button, with 3 adjustable water spray modes (pulse, pulse+shower, shower). You can adjust the water outlet mode according to your needs. The water outlet feels soft and dense, without splashing water, the switch is smooth, and the high-pressure powerful water jet is used for cleaning. Eliminates any splatter in the basin while improving wetting power and performance.
  • 【Ergonomic and Humanized Design】: The kitchen sink faucet aerator can be rotated 360° and can be freely rotated at any angle, which is convenient to use. Using a stainless steel extension hose, this removable kitchen faucet faucet lets you flush each sink corner more widely or clean the entire sink more broadly. If you have a shallow sink, you can only use the faucet spray attachment without connecting an extension hose.
  • [Environmental protection and energy saving]: The faucet pressurized shower head adjusts the water from flow to spray. The mixing of water and air provides high-pressure water and powerful spray, which can effectively save energy and reduce water consumption, which is conducive to environmental protection and energy saving. Powerful water power increases water pressure, making your work easy and practical. Compared with standard bubble faucets, water saving is as high as 30%-70%.

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