Double Track High Elastic Car Door Cushion ✨20Pcs✨

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The double-track high-elastic cushion reduces the damage caused by closing the door forcefully and prolongs the service life of the door. It is suitable for the front and rear doors of the car, the trunk door, and the hood.

About this product:

  • 🚓【 High Elastic Thickened Silicone Door Shock Absorber Gasket Effectively Protects The Car Door】🚓Car door shock absorbing silent gaskets use silent PVC material,car door damping reduce car collision,excellent noise avoidance.Automobile car bumper effectively prevent car door edge be rusting.
  • 🚗【Car Door Protection Sticker with Strong Bonding】🚗Car bumper door edge protector use good adhesion glue to make sure stable performance,with strong bonding long time use no drop.
    🚕【Car Door Shocking Protecter Really Save Time with Easy Installation 】🚕The car bumper cushion is easy to install,easy to bond,no more than 20 seconds,everything is all right,Simple and practical.
  • 🚕【Car Door Collision Avoidance is Universal】🚘This car door protector is also suitable for car trunk and engine cover,and fit for most models of cars,SUVs,vans.Designed for variety of well-known car brands such as Nissan,BMW,Fiat Chrysler,SAIC,General,Honda,Ford,Daimler,Volkswagen,Toyota and so on.No matter what brand your car is, it really works.
  • 【NO RISK PURCHASE of YOUJIN Universal Car Shock Absorber】🚚Door shock absorber with small size and refined design car door damping,really worth it.If you encounter any issues with car door sticker, please keep the packing bag,we support unconditional refund or re-send new one. NO RISK! ORDER it NOW!

Product Description

  • All-round Protection

Car Front Door Protection

  • Attach to the collision point between the front door of the car and the door frame.

Car Back Door Protection

  • Attach to the collision point at the back door of the car and the car frame.

Car Trunk Protection

  • Attach to the collision point between trunk and trunk lid of car.

Engine cover Protection

  • Attached to the collision point between engine cover and engine.

Design To be a better CAR

Product Size:

Package Contains:

  • 1*Door shock absorber


  • Please allow a slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.


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