Nano Car Scratch Repair Cloth

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Nano multifunctional scratch repair cloth, used to repair car scratches and surface polishing, easy repair for light scratch repair of cars, can protect all paint colors

  • Using advanced nanotechnology: our product nano repair cloth is the best! Professional grade, easy enough for anyone to use!
  • Nano magic cloth for car scratches: Nano repair cloth with perfect removal function can remove nail scratches, branch scratches, slight scratches or scratches on the surface of the car, adhesive residue, leaf secretions, oxidation Layer rust, asphalt mixture, etc. High-grade nanotechnology can be effectively used for scratch repair and polishing.
  • Instant maintenance: Nano car scratch remover will allow you to easily remove and eliminate years of car paint and overall appearance wear! It can not only remove scratches, but also restore the luster of the paint and restore its original brilliance!
  • Reusable helper: removing scratches can polish and restore color in minutes. Yes, you can even use it on appliances and furniture, such as stains on faucets. When finished, just fold the nano cloth, put it back in the package, and tighten it to seal it.
  • All paint colors are safe: whether your car is a mini car or a large SUV car, from a black car to a female pink car, we can quickly repair stains and scratches to make your car create bright colors. Nano cloth is easy to use and comes with a material that can repair multiple scratches.
Color: Gray

    (Special warning, if you easily feel that the car paint is damaged by scratches or scratches on your nails, this product may not help. If the rag falls on the floor, please do not use it again to prevent sand or other things from sticking to the rag On, otherwise it will hurt your car.)

    How to use our nano magic cloth?

    • First of all: before wiping the car scratches, please wipe the dust part with a dry cloth.
    • Second: Open the thin aluminum bag and take out the nano repair cloth.
    • Third: Wipe the dirty surface with nano repair cloth for 1-2 minutes or longer.
    • Fourth: After wiping, please put the nano repair cloth back into the packaging bag, because our products can be reused.

    Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture.

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